What is where? AWS Cloud 9 or Cloud 9 support?


I’m a long time Cloud 9 user and recently tried AWS Cloud 9, mostly because of Lambda integration. I’m trying to solve some problems via AWS support forum but it feels like talking to the wall. Even if support is kind and professional, seems like they have no proper knowledge about Cloud 9.
I’m not sure, who is now responsible for what? Is this community forum only for old Cloud 9 support or is the same team included in development/support of AWS Cloud 9?
Should I use only AWS support forum for AWS Cloud 9 problems or both forums? Are questions from both forums directed to the same development team or not? Thanks in advance for any insight.


This forum and support@c9.io are used for c9.io support. AWS Support and the AWS Forums should be used for AWS Cloud9 support. We can answer general questions relating to AWS Cloud9, but full-on environment troubleshooting should go to AWS Support since they have a wider breadth of tools for troubleshooting AWS resources than we do as a dev team. Lastly, we’re the same team as before!


Thanks for reply, @bryceito I get it, at least I think so :slight_smile: BR