What is this? https://c9.io/preview/app



I am coding in dev and testing my site, but now C9 is returning this URL, instead of my workspace url…

What happened?


when you click on the button to open the app, it should forward you back to your app


It did! Yesterday I clicked that and everything was fine, but today its not letting me and now because its directing to another URL my app is throwing errors.

What can I do?


Yea this is a show stopper now… I can’t work in any browser because even though I’ve already clicked that warning page, I have a URL embedded in an iFrame and its throwing this error in the web console.

Load denied by X-Frame-Options: https://c9.io/preview/app/fresh_credit_development/trimakas?callback=https%3A%2F%2Fc9users.io%2F_user_content%2Fcallback%2Fpreview%3Fredirect%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Ffresh-credit-development-trimakas.c9users.io%26expires%3D1496936317855%26nonce%3D9cabl70EgCNAirc1I9hm%26signature%3DKzW%2BU0oiVX4dxMrBagXf41cHMe0%3D does not permit framing.


Any help here? I’m completely stuck because of this…


Still stuck… This is when it sucks that there is no number to call for help… I can’t code right now because of this issue!


Yea it’s really annoying.
I had to add a cookie to my wkhtmltopdf command to get around this.
name: c9.live.user.click-through
value: ok


I have the same problem ! What is the solution for this problem???


Same issue - i’ve got a pro account as well and not impressed with the lack of information on this new feature deployed.
We have a dozen projects - mostly all webservices in test right now and this is breaking.


Yea the solution for me has to be the dev tool Atom… I love C9 but I’m not seeing a way around it.


Is there any update from C9? Is there any update coming from C9 or should we just find another solution?


@Trimakas sorry, looks like the fix we made for wrong X-Frame options was not deployed correctly, we’ll fix this asap (will take some time due to differences in timezone).


Same issue - my development stuck in for an Ruby on rails app.


The issue with x-frame options is fixed now, please write to support@c9.io if you are still experiencing issues with the preview.


Nope, not fixed… First its asking for a confirmation now every single time you access your page in the iFrame… And then its not serving the URL provided but rather the index page of the app. Still needs work.