What is my workspace IP?


How can I find my workspace’s IP address?


What do you want to know the IP for? Your workspace is on a shared server with many others so doesn’t have its own unique IP. If you need to connect to it using an external program you should use the preview url (https://projectname-username.c9users.io).


Thanks! The https://projectname-username.c9users.io is just what I needed.


Or you can just run this command within your workspace for Google DNS servers to answer with your IP address:

dig TXT +short o-o.myaddr.l.google.com @ns1.google.com


Hi, how can I connect to my server with TCP if my server does not have a public IP address? I just want to make a generic TCP server.


Unfortunately, Cloud9 uses an HTTP proxy to route traffic to your workspace, so as far as I know it does not support raw TCP servers. That said, if you’re OK testing it by using the command line, you can run it on Cloud9 and then test against your workspace localhost.


How about if you need to whitelist an IP for your dev app to connect to a service provider? For example, MongoDb Atlas?


Take a look at our IP address lists for hosted and SSH workspaces. You can use these to whitelist Cloud9 workspaces in your firewalls.