What is happening to existing subscriptions?

I have a premium subscription that runs till Sep 2019. If I can’t “Open my Workspaces” after 30th June, how will the subscription be resolved? Will I get automatically migrated to AWS C9?

If not, what is the refund procedure?


Your paid subscription should have been cancelled already. If it was an yearly subscription you already should have received a refund for non-used part of the subscription and your subscription replaced with a trial one. Please check your bank account transactions and Cloud9 billing page to verify it.

In case if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our support at support@c9.io

Ok cool. I didn’t know. I will take a look. Any idea the time periods when all the refunds were made? Also I managed to set up some of my projects on AWS C9. It’s fantastic. Thanks again for the response.

I had trouble with the migration with confusing messages when setting up the account regarding root directory. Reached out to Amazon for help a couple days ago and nothing. I am very worried about this looming deadline at the end of the month.

@tmlight what stack were you trying to set up? I transferred my LAMP, Ionic, Node and Django projects over and didn’t have too many issues.

This is a php 7.2 environment but I didn’t even get that far. I was trying to use an existing AWS account so I did not have 2 AWS accounts with separate billing and log ins. But it would not let me set it up there due to some root directory error. I am not an expert in AWS but I’d like to use it. I could use Rackspace or Digital Ocean but was hoping to try AWS Cloud 9 if i could get started. I found a tutorial but they always start from a new account.

@tmlight i used an existing account. If I can manage the time, I will try to post an article with all the steps over the weekend.