What is Cloud9IDE Made from?


What langauge is Cloud9IDE Made from. Please dont tell me from Javascript because i will laugh very hard. :laughing: . Im guessing C, C++ , or Assembly, because this is an awesome project you guys are having!

Split string in a multiple line (javascript)

Haha, assembly, that’s a good one.

The frontend is mostly javascript :wink: backend is javascript and shell around docker mostly. A lot of the core components are available on our github pages: https://github.com/c9/


Wow… Thanks for anwser but that is shocking. Do you guys use a lot of frameworks or something? Because i cant believe Cloud9IDE Bieng built by javascript.


Yep, we use React on the frontend, Frontdoor for our REST API’s and Architect on the backend.

The beauty of Javascript is there are so many NPM modules available to do small tasks you’d otherwise have to code yourself when using C/C++. This allows us to iterate much faster than using those languages. Also using Javascript on both the front and backend makes building large web apps much easier as you can share code and send data around without having to format / parse it into different data structures depending on the language.

The application architecture of cloud9

lol a php coder criticizing Javascript, that is rich.


Im not a PHP Coder @thedevexpert . I use to actually love javascript. But then i relazied my mistake later. Im More of a Go Coder for now. Dont ask me why my name is PHPCoder231 :laughing:.


@timjrobinson i am not trying to argue at all here. But im just going to make one statment. C/C++ Is one of the or the fastest language in Earth. So if you guys did it in C/C++ Cloud9IDE Would be a lot Faster, but the downside is it would take a whole lot of time, and its going to be very irritating


Yep we understand that. I was originally a games programmer writing in C/C++ before getting into web development. The tradeoff is development speed. If we had made Cloud9 in C++ with our tiny team we would have no where near as many features or as much polish as it has now.