What is a Cloud9 Team?


I haven’t code for a while and I did not connect to Cloud9 for some weeks.
Maybe it is there for some days and I haven’t noticed until now.
I saw I was awarded with the Team badge (as you can see in the screenshot).
Here is a quote from the newsletter of The Janitor :

Thanks to a recent upgrade sponsored by Cloud9, the Janitor can now accept more users to its Alpha. Hooray!
thanks to Cloud9’s new sponsoring (yes, they’re that awesome).

What does this badge bring as advantages ? What does it mean to create a workspace sponsored by The Janitor (in this case, clicking + button associated with The Janitor) ?


@EtienneWan You’ve been invited to try Jan’s Janitor project. In this case, being part of the Janitor team allows you to boot up free SSH workspaces to develop Firefox, KDE, and other projects right on Cloud9. We sponsor these workspaces to support the Janitor project and open source software development.

Teams was introduced a while ago for situations where you want to centralize billing and management for multiple Cloud9 accounts. This works greats for professional teams where one user pays for other users. You can also share projects easily amongst Teams. To learn more, have a look at Cloud9 for Teams FAQ


The topic you linked answered my questions about the advantages of being in a Team.
I know I can create SSH workspaces to develop open-source projects with the Janitor. (Actually, it’s a really cool project :smiley:)
I assume workspaces created with https://c9.io/new?sponsor=thejanitor are hosted by Cloud9 and not by The Janitor. Which is why I was asking to be sure, because the Janitor seems to have no usage of hosting workspaces on Cloud9.
(Because you designed teams this way and gave The Janitor this status, it’s normal for Jan’s project to have this feature, even if it won’t be used, right ?)