What happened to .Vue file syntax support?


C9 used to support .Vue files syntax. it has been removed now.

is it intentional? is it coming back? is there a way I can add it myself to my workplace ?



looks like the extension was removed from https://github.com/c9/core/blob/master/node_modules/ace/lib/ace/ext/modelist.js#L96, we’ll restore it asap, but until that you can simply pick html syntax from the syntax menu.
Thanks for telling us about this regression.


@harutyun when picking html syntax, ace reports lots of errors in the style section, as shown here https://discourse-cdn-sjc1.com/business5/uploads/trydiscourse4/original/2X/c/c9af874696524902dc3d7faa82f93e3ac70fcbfb.png

the link shows sass, but it is the same with stylus, and maybe with any preprocessor.

hope the regression can be fixed soon.


Still not fixed. Any news? (I’m not on AWS)