What happened to C9?


For the past year - no blog posts by the team, no new features, no added support for, ehhm, nothing…

What’s going on?

Is the Amazon Giant sitting on the hands of the developers?


We’re still here! We’re constantly pushing out bugfixes and behind-the-scenes updates for Cloud9 while we’re gearing up for our next major release. Apologies for the silence; stay tuned to the forums and the blog for any upcoming news!


Can you give us a rough ETA? I know that companies don’t like to do this, but when C9 has been dead for so long, you won’t be surprised to hear that your users are looking at alternatives.

The prospect of a ‘major’ new release could make me stop looking at alternatives until I see that new release, but that depends on how far out that new release is.


Can’t give any rough ETAs as of now, unfortunately, but we are getting pretty close to the new release. We’re looking to get some blog posts out relating to some of the changes to the current version…specifically upgrades to many major packages (such as Node, Python, and Ruby) in new workspaces as well as expanded workspace sizes for free workspaces, both of which are currently live!


Glad to hear about the node updates. I was pretty suprrised when I found that you don’t even support ES6 (in the outline view) let alone newer stuff like typescript.

But I hope you will provide an upgrade path for existing workspaces - or if you won’t then break it to us soon.


If you want to move your workspace to the newer code, you should be able to do this by cloning the workspace or downloading your workspace code, creating a new workspace, and reuploading the code. We’re having an issue with the Node debugger on the newer version, so watch out if you want to upgrade a Node workspace.


Ok, thanks, I’ll give it a try.

I take that, if I create a new node workspace now, I’ll get the new code - I don’t have to do anything special.

And when the debugger issue is resolved my new workspace will automatically get the fix?