What Editor Does Cloud9 Use?



Im just curious what Editor Javascript Framework, does Cloud9IDE Use? Ive heard its made entirly in javascript, although i cant find any Javascript Real Time Collaboration Code Editors… ! (Im having the feeling its not even a framework you guys are using? This is too good for a framework ;))


we are using https://github.com/ajaxorg/ace. Most of cloud9 code can be found in the sdk (https://github.com/c9/core and related repositories)


Just a little bit of confusion @harutyun , do you guys manually make it Collaborative? Because im preety sure Ace is not Collaborative on its on…hmmm -.-


Collaboration is implemented in https://github.com/c9/c9.ide.collab.

do you guys manually make it Collaborative?

Unfortunately computers do not write much code automatically, so we had to implement mostly manually :slight_smile: .
Btw. Ace is a part of cloud9, not a third party library.


Wow @harutyun i love how most of Cloud9IDE’s features, are Open Source!