What does shell in C9 use to make clickable GIT links?


On C9 shell, when I do git status
I can directly click an updated file on shell output and get options like ‘git add/checkout’ etc. for that file. How can I do same thing on my Ubuntu laptop? Is it a special shell it is using?


it is done by https://github.com/c9/core/blob/master/plugins/c9.ide.terminal/aceterm/hover_link.js, so unfortunately is not directly applicable to ubuntu terminal.
But you can use https://github.com/c9/core on your laptop


@harutyun well is it possible to add the git changes plugin in my cloud9 workspace? What i want to say is I cloned https://github.com/c9/core in my laptop and I noticed there is a new side tab that count my git changes (GUI). Can I add this plugin into my cloud9.io workspace… ?