What about Microsoft OneDrive sync


Hello there and thank you for this excellent tool for developers. I’m just missing tha ability to connect to more code repositories like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, even Amazon S3. Do you think it would available anytime soon?
My preference woul be Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3 and Google Drive.
Thank you very much again for this helpful tool.


Amazon already has a program for linux to access buckets and whatnot. You’d just have to install it. OneDrive and Google Drive don’t have linux apps. Support for Linux is largely up to them, not C9.


Thank you very much. My question came from my little experience, a few hours later I think I can work very comfortable by connecting the source code to Bitbucket.
Thank you for your time.


Hi @jjcermeno,

I just want to add that there’s a distinct difference between a cloud storage solution (like Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive) and a Version Control System (like Git or SVN).

VCS are crucial for software development, since they allow us to store multiple versions of a file over time (and many more things). BitBucket or Github are hosting platforms for such VCS repositories while Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive are plain folders on a remote server (“the cloud”).

If you want to read more about VCS, check out this article from the official Git homepage.