Webspace and URL


I am a non-commercial ‘hobbiest’ who is learning about the web. I have recently joined Cloud9 on the free development plan following a Python/Flask course on Udemy. I am very impressed with the services you provide compared with similar development environments. Subsequently I am now looking for public Webspace and a URL so I can publish my projects on the web.

  1. Can you provide public webspace and a URL?
  2. If so, what are the prices?
  3. If not, can you reccommend an alternative?
  4. If not, do you have any future plans to?

thank you



Hey @Andy,

See these links:

With a server from DigitalOcean for example suggested in the link above, you can SSH into it from Cloud9 and that’s pretty cool. Then DigitalOcean you can add your domain to it, purchased from a separate domain name registrar. DigitalOcean doesn’t sell domains, think NameCheap.

Hope it helps, :wink: