We can't download database and can't pay billing


we can’t download database and can’t pay billing.


This service is closing down so you cant pay.
What error do you have with your db download?


no any error. i can’t run shell command. no see any console. and can’t start mysql , apache server. so we can’t download my databases.


There are other people in this forum who have been unable to download their files. From what Ive monitored over the last 8 mo, those who have been unable to download have not been able to find any work around. Even those with paid plans have been totally ignored by support. Unfortunately - you might be out of luck. Hopefully you have been doing regular backups and can rebuild from that on another service.


I was able to port all of my development projects over to AWS and moved Postgresql databases… what kind to you have? This is a development platform that is GOING AWAY (its already gone…) I will see what I can do if you give specifics.