Want to purchase the cloud9 IDE for my own website



I really love the platform that you have and I would want to buy your IDE to integrate into my own website. I am currently on a shared hosting but will be switching to a dedicated cloud hosting soon(not that it matters). I do a lot of freelancing and I would like to use this platform on my website so my clients are able to see the work being done live and also before sending the work they are able to view and inform of any changes to be made. Please tell me if there’s any such provision and how much will it cost.


It sounds like you don’t need to embed Cloud9 into your site, you can simply make an account, make your workspaces, then share those with the clients you’d like to. If I’m missing then let me know and I’d be happy to clarify.


you’re absolutely right. However if I share the workspace link with my clients it’ll be hosted on Cloud9 and I don’t want them to leave my website. They will only have access to a project once they login to my website. Also right now you configure the cloud that I work on but if I host it then I’ll be able to configure the processor and the memory and everything else. Please let me know if you do provide the IDE for integration. Thanks.


We do not do this on an individual basis. Organizations that are interested in doing this should contact sales@c9.io.

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