Want to buy premium with *yearly* billing


Hi, I’d like to upgrade my plan, but cannot pay monthly. I need to pay yearly, or even better pay for multiple years in advance. This is one of those “i have to fill out an expense report” situations, and it’s vastly easier for me to do those yearly rather than run them up the accounting chain every month.

Is this possible?

PS: Even better would be a way to pay an arbitrary amount, and have it appear as credit in the account towards future months.



Thank you for writing in. Please write in to support@c9.io for this and we can discuss this. Please note, however, that due to the holiday season, there might be a delay before the billing team can take a look at / respond your request. Apologies in advance for the inconvenience.



Mutahhir, thank you for the reply. I will do that now, thanks again!


This is now possible from your billing page but currently it’s only available when you upgrade so in order to go from a monthly pro plan to a yearly one you’ll have to downgrade, then upgrade to the yearly plan. A couple things to note about this process are:

  • You can’t have more than 1 private workspace before you downgrade
  • You can’t have an SSH workspace before you downgrade
  • For the most value, downgrade at the end of your billing cycle because your unused credit will not be applied to your yearly payment

We’re working on negating the need to downgrade. The yearly payment is $207 which averages out to $17.25 per month, or about 10% off :moneybag:

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