VM running exceptionally slow on build, sometimes hanging



I’m working on a meteor app and for the past two days have often been unable to complete a build. It says it building the app, but then floats forever (20+ mins) and often never completes the build until I restart the Run process. Can you please explain why this is happening? Is it because I’m still on the free tier? I’ve even rebuilt the container from scratch several times and it still does this. I was thinking about upgrading to the paid tier soon, but this makes me wonder if it’s worth it.

–And as a note, I’ve been watching the processes on the build and it shows that node (the process building meteor) has been running for 3:01 and seems to add 1 second for every 10 seconds in real time. It’s been running for well over 20 mins. :frowning:


Hi Eric,

I experienced the same and changed from free tier to the payed subscription and I have no issues anymore whatsoever.