Virtualenv error


Yesterday started getting the following error when logging in:

Code completion fatal error: virtualenv not installed, try ‘pip install virtualenv’ or ‘sudo pip install virtualenv’

I have an ssh workspace running ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Is this a new requirement?


We’ve recently introduced a new code completion daemon for python: To install it, virtualenv is needed in the workspace. Normal Cloud9 workspaces have this preinstalled, but on an SSH workspace we can’t do this ourselves since sudo is needed. For Ubuntu/Debian-like Linux, ‘pip install virtualenv’ or ‘sudo pip install virtualenv’ should be enough. Please let us know if that doesn’t resolve it. We’ll make the error a bit nicer too but it would be useful for us to know if you can install it using just that command.


I installed it with:
apt-get install python-virtualenv
and the error message has gone away.

Initially when I tried running your command I got the message:
“pip: command not found”

After installing python-virtualenv, however, pip seems to be installed.

Additionally, I don’t have any python files in my workspace. I was getting the error message when opening a .php file.

Thanks for your support!