Vim as Editor with Cloud9


I’m at work everyone using Vim, can I import my .vimrc and working in Vim


If you’re looking to use Vim in the terminal, yes, your .vimrc should be usable if you source it. If you’re looking to use Vim mode in the IDE, we don’t currently allow you to source it but there are other workarounds; I’d take a look at @harutyun’s comments here: Is it possible to use a vimrc?


I am using Vim in the Terminal.

Can I install Vungle and plugins?
Can I use Fish Terminal too?

Is the environment based on OSX or Linux?



Our envs are hosted in Docker containers running Ubuntu 14.04. Almost anything that can run on a normal Ubuntu 14.04 installation should be runnable here. I’m not sure what Vungle is, but assuming it doesn’t require SSH, external devices, or graphical output, it should work. Alternate terminals such as zsh and fish should run as well!