Video <script> embed not working



I’m a noob in Ruby on Rails, just setting up my first application, I have a piece of code that loads just fine on my local machine but for some reason is not showing up on the Cloud9 development server

<script src=""></script>

This is an auto-generated embed code from a video platform that I am using (Kaltura).

This is the only page and code that I have so far. (That is how noob I am)



My guess is that you’re seeing this in one of two places: the IDE preview, or in a tab that uses HTTPS. So, if you are in the IDE and looking at the preview, can you please press the Pop Out button at the top right of the preview (it looks like a square with an arrow)? Next, or if this is already in a new tab, can you replace the https:// in the URL with http://? The problem here is that you are trying to load a script insecurely (over HTTP), and the page you are loading it into is HTTPS. This creates mixed content errors (you may be able to see these by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J if you are on Chrome), where it denies insecure scripts on a secure page. By changing the page to be insecure, it can load insecure scripts just fine.