Verify Cloud9 account by phone


I need to be able to verify my account by phone because I use a school provided email address to use Cloud9. My school does not allow emails outside of our district and without another alternative to verify my account I can not install Cloud9 plugins

(making another account will not work either. I would like to keep all my existing workspaces and work under the same account).


Verification by phone is not possible at the moment and you’ll need access to an email address associated to the account to perform actions related to your account. There is no way to workaround having an email address tied to the account. See if you can get access to the email just so you can change the email address and then you can continue using a different email address.


Okay I guess I will have to make a new account and move my workspaces over. Thanks


Yes, you may share the workspace with the new account and then have access to it that way.


That is what I was thinking. Thanks.