Using Docker inside the dockerized cloud9 hosted environment?



I’d like to learn Docker. Can I do that right on Cloud9?

That means running docker inside the dockerized environment of Cloud9.

I read this but it says the “parent” container should be in “privileged mode”.

Workspace from Dockerfile/Snapshots

Hey @sojka, see this thread here:

That’s interesting news you share in the blog! :newspaper:


Although Cloud9 shouldn’t use priveliged mode, it seems like it should supply its own version of the Docker command that emulates the behavior of the real Docker (albeit less efficiently), which would at least allow one to develop with containers on Cloud9. This Cloud9-specific fork of Docker could communicate with the Cloud9 system for provisioning resources (and, say, only grant resources that the user is authorized to access).


Another alternative is CoreOS. I’d assume such an architecture wouldn’t have this issue as their crux is security in fully containerized systems.