Using Cloud9 to develop QtPY cloud apps



Please forgive if this is a misPost.

Q1. Can Cloud9 accomplish COMPLETE program development with QtPY?

I have to install at a minimum:

QT Designer

Q2. Can I install all of these within Cloud9 ?

Q3. Is there a large community that may have the same QtPY interests as I do - here at Cloud9 community?


Excuse my lack of Python experience but it’ll have to do :smile: On Cloud9, you can download and install almost anything besides programs that require a window manager or a GUI.

If it can run from the terminal or as a background process then you’re probably good but otherwise you might have trouble.

I don’t know which category QtPY falls into of these but I hope that helps and if all else fails just give it a shot and then report back here.


Ok, shall do. Qt also offers a cloud, anyone use both? And know the differences?