Using Cloud9 on a shared hosting site?


I recently took a class where we learned how to use PHP to access a MySQL database. We used this program and it was excellent (although it seems to be missing a color picker).

I would like to use it as my IDE for developing my own site on a shared hosting server, including connecting to the database I have at that server. Can Cloud9 be used for this? If so, how easy is that to set up for an amateur?


First of all, Cloud9 has recently launched AWS Cloud9, and stopped accepting new signups on If you have a account, you should still be able to access, otherwise you’ll have to create an AWS account (you can use the free tier for a year to run your workspaces) and use AWS Cloud9. Both and AWS Cloud9 can be used for what you’re trying to do, but AWS Cloud9 is more complicated to set up (the Cloud9 team has gotten quite a bit of feedback on the difficulty, so it should get easier as time goes on and they make changes).

You should be able to develop a PHP and mysql site using some of the following guides:

Once you’ve finished writing your code on Cloud9, you can download it and then upload it to your shared hosting server.