Using C9 for middle school students


I’m looking to use Cloud 9 to teach web application development to middle school students. As a platform, I think it will work well, but I want to present what I want to do just to make sure I have it right.

What I would like to do is allow each student to have their own “sandbox” - their own code base, their own database, etc.

BUT I’d like to set up a project template (it can be public) development environment with MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, etc. installed and ready to go in order to save time. They would then grab a copy of this template, copy it to their account, and be ready to go. Is this possible?

Also, are there any source code built into the web-based IDE in the event that a student gets in the weeds and needs to roll back to a prior working state?




There are a couple threads out there that talk about workspace templates. You may clone your own workspaces right now but at the moment this is not possible for other team members (some discussion about this here as well). As a workaround, you could write a script that sets up the student’s environment with the software you want them to have.

This being said, the PHP workspace template may have everything you’re looking for (MySQL, PHP, PHPMyAdmin, etc.).

As for source code control, git is preinstalled and usable via the CLI but graphical tools are not currently available.