Using C9 for a testing Minecraft server


is it possible to use C9, and put a minecraft server on it for a week or two so i can test out all my plugins and things i make?


I would highly recommend against this. First of all, Cloud9 is for development only, and since you’re only testing other people’s code, that might be against policy, and get you banned. In addition, I really don’t think Cloud9 is good for hosting game servers. Each workspace has very little RAM, which most game servers probably will struggle on, and adding plugins could cause problems. In addition, workspaces shut themselves down after being left for a while, so you’d constantly have to go to the IDE to make sure it doesn’t shut down your container.

Instead, you might be better off hosting it on your computer (which probably has more RAM than Cloud9, and you can keep on), or rent game servers/buy a high-specs VPS and host it there.


Okay, thanks! Also, is it possible to run a JS bot off Cloud9, that needs NPM, and Discord.JS?


Again, Cloud9 is for development only, so you can develop a discord bot using it (I’ve heard some success stories), but when you want to run it, you’ll have to find a different solution.