Using a custom shell (zsh)


Hi! I’m a huge fan of zsh. Is it possible to use it by default in in Cloud9 container terminals?
Changing the login shell for the ubuntu user does not seem to help.


cloud9 doesn’t use login shell but launches bash from tmux
You can start zsh from bashrc, but there were reports about scrolling not working well with zsh.


Yes, scrolling the terminal doesn’t work for me in my SSH workspace that uses ohmyZSH but I just exit do my scrolled and then zsh back in.


Hi!, I use the same technique, exit, do scrolled and then zsh back, but I lost the history of ZSH.
How do you deal with that? thanx


@ofmendez In my new SSH workspace I don’t have scrolling at all anymore :skull:


Any movement here? ZSH still not working even after the AWS buy.


Any update on this ?