Username in workspace


Hello i have start using the program for the class of cs50 but all the programs do not run,
i believe that the problem may be that in the terminal below before de ~/workspace my username dosent appear, can anyone help me soving this problem?


All created files are under the “Ubuntu” username. You can see who owns the files by typing ls -l. Also what language are you coding in?


@davypedro if you are talking about c9 username not appearing in the terminal prompt, it is controlled by PS1 variable defined in ~/.bashrc. It may be a bit confusing because some tutorials were recorded when it was being displayed, but now it is being removed by ~/.prompt50

That said the username displayed in the prompt does not affect running programs in any way.


Harutyun thak tou for the response
Vasilenki93 i am coding in c
but i believe maybe its not runnig because i didnt create the correct files and open the with cd,
but i am still trying.
thank you all


I never used the C/C++ workspace, but I am pretty sure if you have a main.c file, which contains a main function inside the root directory, the run button will work.

If that fails, there is always the manual way. Compile your C code with the GCC compile.

  1. gcc -o program myFiles.c
  2. ./program