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Translated from French thanks to Google.

Hello, former free user of c9, I wanted to return to your services in order to simplify developments, so I subscribed to a $ 19 offer.

However, my colleague did not know C9 yet and did not have an account, so he just created an Amazon AWS account.

Unfortunately, I can not link it to the SSH project because it says “user not found”

Would anyone have an idea of how to do it so that he can be a member of it?

I look forward to the help that can solve this problem because I’m afraid to have subscribed to a subscription unnecessarily …

Thank you.


Unfortunately, there’s no way to link AWS Cloud9 to, so your colleague won’t be able to access your workspaces. You might be able to have him create an AWS Cloud9 workspace, and then provide SSH credentials so you can create an SSH workspace that connects to it, but you’ll be missing some of the features like collaboration and it may be a little buggy.