Use PHP7 in workspaces by default



Hello everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the PHP version to the experimental 7 version? Connected to this: can we somehow alter auto completion features or syntax highlighting?

Best regards!

Cloud9 & PHP 7 Difficulties
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Based on this we have started open sourcing our workspace templates: / / - The PHP workspace will come very very soon :slight_smile:


Now this is even an stable version. The php template was released, but it is only a copy of the default one… hahaha


Good catch :wink: As it stands, many of the templates are very similar to each other, with two exceptions: the default runner and the template files.

For this very reason, the templates are being open sourced and solicited for suggested changes via pull requests. Make them at your leisure :pray:


How does one integrate one of the docker containers into their c9 enviroment?
I am new to docker so its probably simple and I am just dumb :smile:


Please read the response mentioned by Nikolai about template days. For using Docker, here is an official guide.

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Hi, justin8!

PHP is version 5.5.9 and that version has reached end-of-life. And 5.6 is about to end its “active support” phase in a few weeks. Since PHP 7 has been released for over a year ago, I think it would be nice to have it supported. Or at least PHP 5.6


Are you talking about the default workspace templates? I haven’t done the LAMP one since I demo’ed it as a trial but I know you can install PHP7 in a fresh environment or roll your own workspace setup.


@bergstar currently we provide the stable version of PHP in the second most recent ubuntu LTS release.

I had started working on adding phpbrew support so people could use any version they wanted, but it was making the runners quite complicated if we want it to work seamlessly for all customers across all current PHP versions and I haven’t had a chance to finish it off yet.

@XOPJ s solution is something you may want to do in the mean time.

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