Use of SFML in C++



I was just wondering if you could actually run SFML C++ files in cloud 9. I’m pretty sure i have it set up almost correctly, but it exits with an error code of 139. Any tips or ideas for why it’s not working as expected?

I do have a file for it:

>     #/bin/bash
> echo Getting build ready...
> rm -rf build
> mkdir build
> g++ -c /home/ubuntu/workspace/SFML/*.cpp -o /home/ubuntu/workspace/SFML/build/main.o
> g++ /home/ubuntu/workspace/SFML/build/main.o -o /home/ubuntu/workspace/SFML/build/sfml-app -lsfml-graphics -lsfml-window -lsfml-system
> echo Build done!
> sudo /home/ubuntu/workspace/SFML/build/sfml-app