Use a login page for the Cloud9 SDK?



Is there a way to use a simple login page while hosting the SDK instead of the browser authorization prompt? I’m not too knowledgeable on web development.


No, that’s not how the SDK is developed. The website isn’t just the SDK running on their servers, they have much more, including a complicated account system. This is kept separate from the SDK for security, and as such you can’t get it with the SDK. I’m sure it’s possible to hack the SDK with your own account system, but I think it’s just overkill, I would just stick to using the browser authorization prompt.


Well, I wouldn’t be looking for an “account system.” I just need 1 username & password. I’m only asking because of the wonky way the network is configured at work. Chrome isn’t prompting for the authorization, it just takes me to the “Unauthorized” page. I can log in when using IE, but I’m unable to type in the terminal. It all works fine from home so I know it’s something to do at work. And those are the only 2 browsers I have.


Navigating to would be a simple solution for logging in without authorization prompt. Does that work or does it need to be easier, you could for instance put a login page before, that simply redirects to the URL with the entered credentials.


Well, that doesn’t work for me with no configuration changes. Is there something I’d need to change? Like in the server.js file? Looking at that file, it doesn’t seem like the command line arguments when starting the server aren’t handled here. But I can’t figure out where they are handled.


All you would need to do is start with the –a parameter with your username and password, The feature I mentioned is built into HTTP.


Ahh, well in that case it’s still not working. Even using a simple alpha-numeric password. Presumably because I’m at work. I’ll have to try it at home. Don’t worry about it too much. I’ve been using another online IDE but would love to have my own hosted solution. Seems like it’ll be a little more complicated than what it’s worth.


If you are just using the SDK as an IDE and not for core/plugin development, might I suggest using the hosted solution at

If you are doing core/plugin development, you can actually run the SDK inside of the hosted IDE. This is how I do most of my sdk development.


I am just using it as an IDE. And I would LOVE to just use, however, I can’t at work. It has something to do with the fact that only offers Diffie-Hellman key exchange cipher suites and the network where I work won’t accept those. I assume because they decrypt all HTTPS traffic at the boarder and there’s probably an issue with those types of cipher suites.

Anyway, that’s why I’m trying to get my own hosted solution working. I’ve been using Codeanywhere, but I’d prefer Cloud9 if I could get it to work here.


auth is handled by


which just uses basic-auth module from connect, you could change that to work with some other auth method.