Use a keyring to store your credentials




I tried to use a keyring, but all keyring implementations seem to need dbus-run-session, which is not available.

Any instructions on how to get an encrypted keyring?

Thank you


So in the meantime I am one step further. dbus-launch – bash helps but then I get a weird error message:

jeepney.wrappers.DBusErrorResponse: [org.freedesktop.Secret.Error.NoSuchObject] ("The '/org/freedesktop/secrets/aliases/default' object does not exist",)


I finally managed to get an encrypted keyring. Besides the python package keyring you can install keyrings.alt and pycrypto giving you an AES-256 encrypted keyring, good enough for development.

But I’d like to see a keyring that is automatically unlocked by me logging in, because at the moment I have to enter a password every time I run my application.

Running the application on OSX, Windows or Ubuntu just uses the keyring they provide which frees me from entering a password every time.

I’d like to see this as a feature to be included with 16.04 or 18.04 whatever the next release of OS version is.