Upload local files and folders in the contextual menu


It would be more comfortable than in the File menu



Thanks for this. I think that would be a good solution, however, what do you think of the drag-drop feature with files on to the file tree? You can just drop the files from local to the exact folder you’d like them to go to.



He had tried drag & drop feature and is a good solution. But involves having two open environment and I think it is much cleaner to use the context menu.


You can use cloud9>open your init script menu item to add the following script:

services.tree.getElement("mnuCtxTree", function(mnuCtxTree) {
    services.ui.insertByIndex(mnuCtxTree, new services.ui.item({
        match: "",
        caption: "Upload Files...",
        onclick: services.upload.showUploadWindow
    }), 100, plugin);

after saving and pressing ctrl-enter it should work