Upgrade to unlimited put me in limbo


I signed up for a Free account, liked what I’ve seen, read the blog post backgrounder about your dogfood experience with c9 development and decided to ‘vote with my wallet’ to show support of this good business/tech decision by upgrading to the Unlimited Individual subscription.

The upgrade workflow worked okay, but now my user account profile shows two entries under ‘Your Cloud9 IDEs’ which are – Public: Free [Update] and Webide: Individual [Update].

I cannot create new workspaces with anything other than the Public/free RAM/disk spec.

On the billing page, both the Free and Web IDE Individual subscriptions are listed and the Invoices table shows the first month’s $19 payment made to #INV00029957.

SUPPORT REQUEST: Could you please straighten out my account so it will work as intended for an unlimited Individual account? Thanks. My c9 username is the same as here: jimsalmons

Congrats on a super service/platform, BTW. The dogfooding has certainly been a good menu choice!


Hi there, thanks a lot for your message - let me look into your account!


Thanks, Nikolai!

There is nothing urgent about my request. But after reading your post about the how you folks have been positively affected by ‘eating your own dogfood’, I figure your upgrade and new customer pipeline will get a workout! :smiley: So whatever gotcha hit me may bite others, too, so it will be good to figure out what’s akimbo.

I’m looking forward to spreading the word about your platform/service to my research and development collaborators.

– Jim –


Thanks so much Jim! I looked into your account and indeed the old subscription got stuck somehow, you now have two which doesn’t really make sense with unlimited workspaces :wink: We’ll get this addressed in the morning - in the meantime you should be able to create workspaces anyways. Thanks a ton for your support, this is why we work on this :slight_smile:


Thanks, Nikolai… that should do it.

I spent decades as a hardcore Smalltalker when ‘changeset floppies and sneakernet’ was as close to CI as we could get! :smiley: Then a few years back a year of cancer battle, a year crawling back, yada yada yada… Cloud development has really come into its own in the meantime along with lots of other things that excite me now about not dying!

ATM, I have a Prototype Fund submission into the Knight Foundation to work with the PRImA Research Center at U. of Salford, the IDHMC folks at Texas A&M, and the Internet Archive on our #TextSoup2SmartData collaboration. Here’s a short Medium.com article about our project: https://goo.gl/YR70Yf.

Cloud9 looks to be a VERY GOOD way for our distributed team to work together… not to mention how it might work into our project design which calls for a two-event, two-location hackathon with each event having the opportunity for remote participation. (Any pointers to info/people with experience using Cloud9 for hackathons would be greatly appreciated.)

Good Luck with the business model update… the ‘how eating our dogfood will disrupt our industry’ blog post really nails it!

– Jim –


Hi Jim,

I have made some fixes to your account and all should be working right now. Please let me know if you continue to have any issues.

Dana - Cloud9


Hi Jim!

We used Cloud9 in a one-day hackathon in Amsterdam early January this year. We worked together with the Google Cloud Platform team, Philips, Bottlenose and GirlsinTech Amsterdam. It was a pretty fun hackathon were we hacked into the Philips hue lights and a smart hair styler :D.

That was however not for remote participants. A better example of Cloud9 used by remote participants is probably the CS50 Harvard course 2015. This was a Harvard C9 collaboration in which 2800 unique students participated. We had around 1500 students working on our platform daily who were also collaborating with each other.

Thanks for the awesome compliments and support! I hope this information helps and please let us know what your experiences are when you decide to use C9 at hackathons like these! Super exciting :).

Valeria - Cloud9


Hi Valeria,

That is just the kind of info I was hoping to hear! Thanks.

I believe the “VM-based OSS workflow” described in your company’s ‘backstory’ blog post could be very effective in a hackathon context.

I have some VERY experienced hackathon buddies at Qeyno Labs that may be interested in whether we could describe and then document such a useful new approach to hackathon workflow. This may even get their active involvement in such a case study.

I’m going to start a new topic where we can discuss this and maybe develop an ad hoc group of folks who may have interests along these lines.

Big Picture-wise, I think the new unlimited plan opens up a dramatically more efficient workflow that will be the “hook” that gets folks interested in C9 as a hackathon platform. But it will be the awesome social/pair programming features that will enable follow-up mentoring and project spin-offs that will put you over the top as the most “hackathon-friendly” cloud dev service available! A good documented case study could be very helpful in buttressing the materials helping you to leverage your new business/pricing model.

For more on grassroots Citizen Science/History projects as ‘incubators’ for encouraging diversity in STEM and LIS professions, please see this: http://www.factminers.org/content/citizen-science-means-increasing-diversity-library-and-information-science-profession.

Since community members did not want me to share a link to more information about our Citizen Science project, Valeria, perhaps you can contact me directly off-forum to discuss how our project might work with you to document and test the ‘unlimited workspaces’ workflow in a hackathon context.

Happy-Healthy Vibes,
– Jim –