Upgrade to new premium plan, can't create private workspaces


I just upgraded to the new premium plan tonight but I recently just subscribed on 12/4 at 9.99 and I thought my new plan would be prorated at least a half because I haven’t used my first month’s subscription on the old plan.

I received confirmation that my old plan was canceled and now I can no longer create new private workspaces. My Dashboard is telling me that I am on the free plan. This kind of defeats of the purpose of upgraded because my functionality was downgraded.



I have checked your account and I can confirm you are on the new Individual plan (premium). The dashboard is showing it wrong. In what way does it not work to create new private workspaces? Do you see some error messages when you try?

The system temporarily handles the upgrades to the new plan as a new subscription and therefore makes a full new invoice for the plan. You will be most likely refunded for the old subscription you did not use. Please let me know if this fails to happen in the next month.



Thanks for looking into this. I can confirm that I can create private workspaces however the dashboard is telling me that I need to upgrade on the create workspaces screen. See screenshot.


Same problem here. I upgraded my plan, but can’t create private or ssh workspaces.


There seems to be a UI issue which prevents creation in some cases. We will deploy a fix in the morning, apologies for this! For the ones trying to create private workspaces, you can actually do that - just ignore the message.


Despite the UI message, I was actually able to create a new premium space.