Updating callback URL on Github to point to C9 URL



Hello C9 Community, I am running rails server in the terminal and am able to reach my application’s homepage. My issue right now is signing in via Github not working. I continue to receive a 404 error page. I realized I needed to change my callback URL to the C9 URL provided. I did so on Github and restarted the server. I still am unable to sign in via oauth Github.

I changed my homepage URL on my Github Application
from: http://localhost:3000/
to: http://learn-mkowalski.c9users.io:8080/

I also changed my callback auth URL on my Github Application
from: http://localhost:3000/auth/github/callback
to: http://learn-mkowalski.c9users.io:8080/auth/github/callback

Any help is greatly appreciated


When you attempt to sign in, what errors do you see, if any? Can you post some of the code, including the callback URL in context (please do make sure to remove any sensitive information such as API keys). You should also check to see if GitHub is switching to HTTPS when it redirects to the callback, and you can try changing http://learn-mkowalski.c9users.io:8080/auth/github/callback to https://learn-mkowalski.c9users.io:8080/auth/github/callback. You also can remove the :8080, it’s not necessary in this case.


Hi @dannytech! Thank you for your response, I greatly appreciate this help. I have changed my callback url on Github to your suggested url with and with out the :8080 but I am not having any success signing in via Github. I keep getting redirected to the same 404 error page. I’m quite hopeless right now and have no idea what else to try.