Unsupported Workspace for Salesforce


Whenever i am trying to create Workspace for Salesforce, it asks for salesforce credentials and once authentication is done successfully, it says unsupported Workspace. Please help with this.


Most likely this is happening because you don’t have an individual pro account. In order to create Salesforce workspaces, you need to be on an individual premium account. If you’re on a free account or on a team account, you will not be able to create Salesforce workspaces.


Hey Brady,

Thanks for your response. Yes, currently we are subscribed on team account, and we are doing POC on C9 to leaverage it for future. Whats your recommendation, if we want all features which we get as individual preminum account for team subscription.



You should have each person signup for their own separate premium Salesforce plan and then you’ll be all set to create SF workspaces.