Unlimited plan RAM limits


I’m currently on the $9 micro tier. I was looking at upgrading to the $19 small tier, but the only if I get more RAM. The new pricing page only tells me how many workspaces I can have, but not what my resource allocation will be in terms of RAM or disk space. Can someone point me to this information?


With the unlimited plan, you can resize any workspace to have up to 2.5GB of RAM and 10GB of disk space. You can create as many public, private, and SSH workspaces as you’d like to.


If I have 10 private workspaces and 10 public workspaces, each workspace can have 2.5 GB RAM and 10 GB disk? Originally, I understood it to mean those limits were cumulative across workspaces.


With the old plans, the quota added up but with the new unlimited plan, you can have just what you said: 20 workspaces, with each individual workspace having 2.5 GB RAM and 10 GB disk.

We don’t tally this stuff up anymore but if you want to for fun then that’d give you a total of 50 GB of RAM and 200 GB of disk space used across all your workspaces. And you won’t be stopped there :wink:


That’s good in some ways. Any plans to offer cumulative resource pricing again in the future? I have some apps that need more than 2.5 GB and it doesn’t make sense for me to jump to $38 a month for one or two high-ram apps.


Having more than 2.5GB of RAM would make workspaces unstable at the moment so that’s not allowed. I don’t follow you on the $38/month. There is one plan for $19/month and unlimited workspaces. Simple as that.


Right, I see now. I came across this old pricing scheme at https://c9.io/blog/new-pricing/ and got mixed up.


Thank you so much for saying that. That’s incredibly confusing and we’ll have to update the post to make a note about how it’s actually outdated. Thanks again for that catch.


Ok so, what is the current pricing structure? All I see when I click the upgrade button on my free account is one that basically gives unlimited everything but no mention of cpu, ram, or disk space for $19/mo.


It’s $19 a month, 2.5GB RAM and 10GB disk limits on each workspace, but you can have unlimited workspaces (public, private, ssh, w/e). Your total resource usage isn’t capped. Your resource usage per workspace is.


Sure that it’s 2GB? I can resize my workspaces to up to 2,5GB of RAM.


Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll change all posts in this thread to reflect that so it’s clearer to all users in the future.



I’m developing my Java application. you know that it will need more memory so please increase up to 4GB for Java development. 2.5GB is small with Gradle continuous build :frowning:


@loint your best bet is to make an SSH workspace.


That’s pretty unfortunate - currently developing for Angular 2 easily eats 2.5GB to the point that it becomes unusable (every operation takes minutes to complete due to memory swapping). SSH workspaces won’t work because they don’t proxy 808x ports (we could access them directly on those machines, but that would require opening them up, which I’d really like to avoid). We’ve played around with c9-core but it’s not as easy to set up or convenient to use as the hosted solution. There don’t seem to be any other good options at the moment.


you could try ssh workspace with localtunnel or ngrok.


local tunnels are also inconvenient, especially when connecting to multiple workspaces from the same machine. But more importantly, they break for things requiring persistent connections, such as live updates over websockets. The best we can do is configure Nginx inside the workspace as a proxy for these ports, and tunnel to the proxy ports. Still quite a bit of setup.


It would be much nicer to have native forwarding for these ports through the c9 proxy.