Unknown error getting api


Hi, I tried to get a display in my openGL project, but when I try to install c9.ide.desktop it gives me an error, someone opened an issue in the repository with the same error https://github.com/shadowcodex/c9.ide.desktop/issues/13 but maybe someone here knows what is happening.

And if someone tries to go to https://api.c9.io/packages/c9.ide.desktop/versions/1.0.0/download?access_token=9c1wG9VQcQRPMrYjlWVj:500 he will get a 502 - Bad Gateway, this means is an error of c9?

Thanks in advance.

cloud9 api server is down

I tried installing the same plugin this evening and received the same error. Maybe between this thread or the original display thread an answer can be gathered.