Unexpected behavior of markdown preview tab


So as I was editing a markdown file with a preview open, I notice it won’t follow me as I edit. If I scroll the preview tab then edit the file, the preview tab will scroll to the top.


Markdown previewer tries to synchronize scroll positions of editor and preview https://github.com/c9/c9.ide.preview.markdown/blob/master/markdown.html#L118
but perhaps it doesn’t handle all the cases.
Do you see the same behavior in other documents too?


That link is a 404.

What other documents does it work with? I’ve only used it on markdown files. I don’t remember if this is a new occurrence or not.


sorry, updated to correct link now.
It works only with markdown, do you see the issue ith markdown preview or some other preview open?


Ok, on the markdown preview, it does try to follow the editor but due to font size differences, the preview doesn’t scroll far enough to show what I’m writing. I see this on a 1980x1080 res screen. Seems to do the same if I shrink the window. It doesn’t follow the cursor in the editor, which might make it work better.

If I increase the editor font size to 16 and scroll to the bottom, it appears as expected. But, the text is too large and I like it at size 12 for when I write on my 15" laptop with a res of 1366x768.

This is while editing a markdown file with the extension, .md, and viewing it on the live preview set to markdown.


I have to keep the line I’m writing in the middle on a vertical axis of the editor for the preview to show it.


right, it aligns the first visible line instead of scrolling cursor into view, which is a bug.


I have the same problem. In split screen mode my markdown code doesn’t take a full page whereas the markdown preview takes a lot more than a full page. This is because I have quite a few headings.

When I start typing at the end of my markdown code, I purposefully make the preview scroll to the bottom of the markdown, but as soon as I make a single change the markdown preview scrolls right back up to the top of the screen, leaving me unavailable to instantly see my changes and instead needing to scroll down after each change.

If I make the code font bigger it takes more than a full page leading to the markdown preview working perfectly, just like jms1989 said but I prefer the code to be at a small font.