Unable to use Snappy because of the Orange Preview page



I get the orange preview page, when I try to use Snappy to make a PDF file.
Any way to fix this? Making the workspace public does not work, it just remove the login page.

I’m using “PDF::loadFile()” to load an internal URL.


If you are running snappy on the same workspace, load page via localhost, otherwise you can set user agent to a non browser one, to avoid the orange page.
Please let us know if this helps.


Hmm… using localhost would be preferable, but can’t get it to to work.
This should work, right?

$pdf = PDF::loadFile('http://localhost/pdf/eye/'.$id);

The URL works when using normal path (not localhost).

Getting and error when I try to do that:

Error: Failed loading page http://localhost/pdf/eye/1234
Exit with code 1 due to network error: ConnectionRefusedError


Which port do you use?, try http://localhost:8080/pdf/


Haha… i’m soooo stupid.
Works now, thanks!