Unable to Use Jquery CDN


Hi, I have following code in my html page -

!doctype html>


I am getting following error -

Please let me know how can I use CDN for Jquery.


Code is as under


This is what’s known as a “Mixed Content Warning.” You’ll notice that the Cloud9 link is prefixed by https://, signifying that you are loading it over a secure connection. In your script tag, you are loading with the prefix http://, or an unencrypted connection. Because there is an insecure resource on a secure page, it is blocked. The simple solution is to change the jQuery url to either https:// or just //, which simply tells the browser, “load this resource on the same protocol the page was loaded on.” So if the page is encrypted, the content is encrypted, and if not, then the content is not encrypted. Another solution would be to change the https:// in the browser bar to http:// to make them match. Happy Coding!


HI, I changed the CDN link to https and its now working ! Thank you