Unable to upgrade account from free - couldn't subscribe to plan


I’m unable to upgrade my account. My credit card and billing address are already stored in the system, however, if I click the green “continue” button, I get either “couldn’t subscribe to plan” or “something went wrong.”

My Cloud9 username is fnkr.


I have the same problem.


Deleted my entire account, created it again and then tried upgrading again. Here are screenshots:

My payment info did not get saved again, however, I still can’t upgrade :confused:

Btw. I googled “zuora.com 51000060” and found this:


and this


A) Non U.S. billing addresses - Auth.net cannot verify international addresses, so if your billing address verification is enabled within Auth.net, all credit cards with billing addresses outside the U.S. will be declined. You will have to disable the address check setting within your merchant account settings.

Maybe it helps…?


I have the exact same problem.

I have had an Account for 2 Years now - it is ok that you changed the subscription model for the millionth time but this is getting annoying

I cannot only NOT get a subscription - no - you cancelled my already paid one:

 We would like to inform you that your subscription A-S00001629 was cancelled successfully on      12/10/2015. The cancellation will be effective as of 12/10/2015.
Thank you for your business!

All my Invoices are gone now.

I have 4 SSH workspaces and 1 ex-pro workspace with IMPORTANT DATA

PLEASE tell me it is not going to vanish.

Cloud9 is awesome - why wont you take our money? :(((

Also - how does one contact support directly? I cannot find an email anywhere…


You can email support@c9.io. I did that before posting here, but I still haven’t got an answer.


I got a reply from support, but they don’t see the reason for the rejection either. Strangely enough, a reservation for $1 could be done, but not the payment itself. I am waiting for an answer from the bank.

I only have one more word to say at teh moment: PayPal! :smile:


I have “verified by visa” enabled, maybe that’s the reason? It shouldn’t matter (if the shop does not support it) but who knows? Anyone else having it enabled?


I have the corresponding MasterCard 3D, or whatever is called, yes. Could be that.

PayPal rules!


Hi, we are looking into this! No invoices are lost! Will keep you posted.


Thanks for the update! Is there a trail or anything I can do until this is fixed?


Hi fnkr,

Regarding your first post, you can change the address details by clicking “Update card” and changing the Billing Address for the card. I will try to track what happened with your new account in the meantime.




We’re all on support, as well as here, we’re just trying to fix things meanwile :slight_smile:
Can you please contact us on support@c9.io so we can have a better look to what we can do?


Hey people, I just bought a prepaid credit card (here) and it’s working, however, this is not really a permanent solution. Please add PayPal soon!