Unable to set a background image in css


for some reason this does not work, I developed this in brackets but for some reason cannot use url in my css, simply won’t show any image or text font ?
below i included the link to the work space

I’m sure it’s some small mistake from my side but cannot figure it out lol

.setionOne {
background-image: url(‘backgroundImg/aVMEQR0.jpg’);
background-size: cover;
background-repeat: no-repeat;


Upon reviewing your source, your path to the background image is specified as if it is located at: /CSS/backgroundImg/aVMEQR0.jpg, which is incorrect.

You need to go up one additional level.


background-image: url(‘backgroundImg/aVMEQR0.jpg’);


background-image: url(‘../backgroundImg/aVMEQR0.jpg’);

Note the ../ added to the url path. The path is relative to the style.css file where the style declaration is being declared.