Unable to run my project



I’m working on a project with 7 other people. We have a problem on our workspace.

Indeed, when we want to run our project, the most of the time, the “Stop” button appears and few seconds later, the “Run Project” button comes back.

Sometimes it works, and then it doesn’t work … I can’t understand why.

I sent a message to support but I didn’t have any answer…

Can somebody help me ?

Thank you :slightly_smiling:


You might be running out of memory, each additional collaborator uses ~50MB of ram. On the free accounts you get 1GB ram, so there goes 350MB+ of the ram. Perhaps try resizing your workspace to have more RAM if you’re a premium user, or sign up for premium if you’re a free user :wink:

If that doesn’t work, message me your username/workspace name and I can take a look