Unable to run any commands


Hi Team,

My hosted workspace is not functioning as it should - I can see the file tree and edit files (albeit with a significant delay on saving), but cannot run any commands in the terminal. I.e. I open a new terminal, and after a significant delay the prompt appears, but is unresponsive (doesn’t react to keyboard). I also cannot “Run” any application.

I’ve restarted the workspace, but the issue didn’t go away.
Could you please take a look into it?



I saw a similar thread and the issue was with Chrome. All tabs were closed and then Chrome restarted. Maybe a different machine, browser or restarting would help.


Thanks, it may have been that though I doubt it: it turned out I could run commands, but the prompt was just too slow. I didn’t run any heavy background processes, and when I popped up ‘htop’, there was a significant CPU load on that host. So it was some kind of unusual load on the servers which impacted us as clients.