Unable to preview website running from gulp server using cloud9


Hey, there! I’m relatively new to this forum. I first cloned my repo from GitHub to Cloud9 and updated my node.js package. I then attempted to start the server using gulp. It appears that everything is working.

However as you can see from this image, it says the page is unable to load. I did a bit of digging before posting this forum. From this forum post, the first response advises using ports “8080 8081 or 8082”. However, when attempting to change the ports, the result is the same:

Opening the “Why am I seeing this?” on the page just informs me how to use a workaround to get the HTTP version (Which is blocked for security reasons) of the webpage rather than the HTTPS version (which seems to be the only allowed one.) However, following these steps also leads to the same result.

The full repository I’m working with can be found here: https://gitlab.com/Cloaking_Ocean/cloakingocean.com

Any help is appreciated and let me know if any clarification is need!