Unable to Login Heroku Behind Proxy



When trying to login to Heroku from my workspace I get the following error:

$ heroku login
Enter your Heroku credentials.
Email: xxxxx@xxxx.com
Password (typing will be hidden):
▸ HTTP Error: https://api.heroku.com/login 410 Gone
▸ Invalid response from API.
▸ HTTP 410
▸ {xxxxxx@xxxxxx.com password}

▸ Are you behind a proxy?

This suggests I am behind a proxy, how can I get around this?



It looks like this is an intentional brownout by Heroku to make users aware that they are deprecating the v2 API. The symptoms described here match the incident mentioned in the link.

You may want to try updating the Heroku CLI and, if you’re using the API directly, be sure you update to v3 as soon as possible to ensure consistent operation!


Intermittent heroku login failure 400 bad request

Thank you Dan, that worked.

Maybe the workspace needs to be updated so it comes with the new version of the CLI instead of the deprecated toolbelt? I had to run a sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https package and the install the CLI. That fixed.

Thank you.


this is annoying to have to be done for every app.


especially when you aren’t a linux expert and expect things to just work. im learning some stuff as i go, but i like cloud 9 because i can cool stuff without having to convert my chromebook to run linux. now i have to learn all this linux stuff just to straighten out cloud 9.