Unable to launch the IDE


I don’t know if C9 server encounter problems today but i can’t open my project.

On the dashboard i clic on open button then it’s an infinite loading. I see the IDE but every files are loading. (since ~30 minutes)

What could it be. I tried on 2 computers.


Hi have the same problem as well. it’s been 5 days for me. I have 4 projects. But in fact, one project is the most recent, and the other 3 are just clones from a month ago. So all the other clones open but the main project which was last updated 10 days ago doesn’t open.

All i get is black screen, with a sticky note "We are migrating your project… bla bla blah.

I am a paying user. Now I have no choice but to switch to PHP storm and use digital ocean to launch my other projects. No one has replied to my cry for help. Nothing… except for Danny he was nice enough to reply and aks me of there are any errors in my dev console.


In my case it’s only today. Earlier this morning i was able to work

it looks fixed now, loading it’s over


I am unable to load my php workspace. Here is a screen shot from when it times out. I hope this is related to the issue posted. Though I am new to this website so maybe that’s part of the problem?


same problem Thomaswolff. “Gateway timeout” with my rails project. The IDE works but impossible to check my work when i start the server


Same issue for me now. My workspace is now completely refusing to load into the IDE. Attempted to restart multiple times now.


i got this problem few hours before and it’s ok now


I have the same problem too. Infinite loading is on my app’s page
Also i cant restart the workspace… it pops this error:
“An error occurred restarting this workspace: Workspace restart failed”

UPD: Is works! :smiley:


Im still unable to open my workspace. That goes for both the PHP and Python workspaces. Freaking great.


yeah im having this issue now as well, workspace appears but wont load


@thomaswolff I just had a look into both your projects and both appear to be loading correctly. Perhaps there’s a firewall blocking your connection to c9. Do you see any errors? Can you load your workspace panel? Also try using chrome or firefox, we don’t officially support Internet Explorer (though it should work, it may have issues).


Yes it loads on my iPad and it would make sense if it is a firewall setting blocking the connection since I am at work. IE is the only browser I have available right now. Ok well that makes sense. Thank you for the response have a good day! I’ll see what I can do about getting some settings changed on my computer.