Unable to install WakaTime


Hello everyone.

I am trying to get WakaTime installed on my workspace, and haven’t had any luck so far. Here is the exact steps I have followed:

Following instructions on https://wakatime.com/help/plugins/cloud9 I did:

  • Enable all 3 ticks on the configs screen
  • Got a new terminal open
  • Typed in c9 install wakatime

However, at this point instead of asking for my API Key as it should, it was asking for my c9 credentials. I typed in my username and password a few times, but it didn’t work.

After that, I tried loogging into the c9 website to check my password. It failed as well, saying that I had too many failed atempts.

I logged in using my GitHub as I always do and went to the password section of c9 to see if I even had one set. I set a new password just in case.

Two hours later, after the “too many atempts” thing was over, I was able to normally log in using username/password.

At this time, I tried installing wakatime again. I got this message:

WARNING: Directory not empty: /home/ubuntu/.c9/plugins/wakatime. Use --force to overwrite.

So, I did try with the --force arg, and this is what I got:

Unknown Error getting api.c9.io/packages/wakatime/versions/3.0.2/download?access_token=9c17PAHnvS3QtPQSUN8l:500   

The same happens if I try with sudo as well.

Can someone help me with this? Is this some kind of block on my account because of the password thing?

Thanks in advance!

Have a great day.


This is an existing issue with plugin installs of any type. I’m not aware of an ETA for the fix but this will be updated when it is fixed.


Is there no workaround we can implement in the meantime?


Only walk around I know of is to find the source and manually install.

https://github.com/wakatime/c9-wakatime is the source


By manual install, do you mean copying the source to ~/.c9/plugins and running the workspace in Debug Mode?

Because yeah, it works, but not really a solution to work on. I was hoping there was a better way :angel:


@tuxmachine can you expand on how you did this please?


Ok, so this is what I have done so far

$ git clone https://github.com/wakatime/c9-wakatime
$ cd ~
$ cd .c9/plugins/wakatime
$ cp -a ~/workspace/c9-wakatime/. ~/.c9/plugins/wakatime/

ls should show the repo where it should be

Then I used:

$ c9 run wakatime

Then get this output:

Permissions are:  world
Data is:  {
  "name": "wakatime",
  "description": "Metrics, insights, and time tracking automatically generated from your programming activity.",
  "version": "3.0.2",
  "author": "WakaTime",
  "contributors": [
      "name": "Alan Hamlett",
      "email": "alan@wakatime.com"
  "repository": {
    "type": "git",
    "url": "http://github.com/wakatime/c9-wakatime.git"
  "plugins": {
    "wakatime": {
      "packagePath": "plugins/wakatime/wakatime"
  "engines": {
    "c9": ">=3.0.0"
  "categories": [
  "license": "BSD-3-Clause",
  "licenses": [
      "type": "BSD",
      "url": "https://github.com/wakatime/c9-wakatime/blob/master/LICENSE"
  "installer": "install.js",
  "permissions": "world"
Permissions are:  world
WARNING: Description property in package.json will be ignored. README.md will be used.
Processing 3 files.
Compressing:  false

What next??

Don’t know where to put my API key



So, go to Tools>Developer>Start in Debug Mode then you are prompted to enter your wakatime API key

Super fiddly

Is that how everyone else has done it?


Any idea when this is gonna be fixed ?


I’m not aware of an ETA for the fix but this will be updated when it is fixed.


I am having the same issues, but cannot install even in debug mode or manually, like suggested above. This is the error:

Unknown Error getting api.c9.io/packages/wakatime/versions/3.0.2/download?access_token=***************:403

Seems its not allowed to download what it needs.

Is this an issue with my username and password?

Is this going to be fixed?


OK finally got it working … just used this https://wakatime.com/help/plugins/cloud9
Don’t use the c9 CLI